Teaching violin to beginners with the child-centered Colourstrings

The early formative years are very important when teaching violin to children, as the basis for the future playing is laid then. However, introducing too many different elements of violin playing to a child at once may prove to be challenging. At the same time, it is essential to try to make learning as fun and motivating as possible to encourage the children with their new hobby.

International Minifiddlers provides violin pedagogues a unique possibility to study the Colourstrings Method step by step. Our 124 violin lessons for children with Professor Géza Szilvay, an internationally recognized professional in violin pedagogy and the creator of the method, form a comprehensive teaching material for up to 4 years. Teaching starts from the very beginning of violin playing and progresses systematically until mastering the basics of instrumental violin technique.


Teaching violin with our method - why it works

Instrumental, technical, musical, and theoretical difficulties can often make the early years of violin playing an unhappy experience for a young child. Our approach to violin pedagogy, the Colourstrings Method, is specifically designed to minimize those hardships. The child-centered notation system dispenses with the burden of reading and presents the rudiments of music theory visually. This makes teaching violin to beginners less cumbersome and helps the child's reading to develop without difficulty.

Professor Géza Szilvay first created this approach for private use for his own children. His idea regarding violin pedagogy was to make beginners' violin lessons more game-like, which, in turn, makes learning more enjoyable. With his video lessons, you as an educator can improve your own violin teaching by applying these game-like elements to your classes. The video lessons also support your daily teaching work by providing many practical exercises and repertoire to be used at the classes.

An astonishingly high number of children have become soloists, chamber musicians, orchestra players, music teachers, and high-level connoisseurs of music with the help of Colourstrings.


A video library for teachers and musical institutions

The Colourstrings Method gives a solid base for teaching the basic violin technique to beginners. This will guarantee fast improvement and quality playing in the future. With Minifiddlers video lessons, violin teachers, students, as well as entire musical institutions can improve their educational capabilities.

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If you represent a music school or institution, please contact us for more information about providing our videos to your pedagogues. We also offer distance training where pedagogues and their students are instructed in real-time through video connection.

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Our violin lesson plans

We make teaching violin to beginners a well-planned journey with weekly lessons. Each one of our video packages includes lessons of different skill-levels for the whole year. You can choose the suitable package based on your pupils' needs and progress. Please check here the subjects of the lessons.

The videos can be used for teaching violin to a group of students or for individual lessons. Each video is 15-30 minutes long and can be watched anytime and anywhere - all you need is an internet connection.

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